Awake At Dusk - 5 years later

It's a rainy day down the Jersey Shore, and with the first single to my new record about to come out soon, I've been feeling extra reflective lately about some of my earlier work. "Awake At Dusk" was released on this day five years ago and it always fascinates me listening back and recalling where my mind was at in a given moment. I do this with all my songs because they read like chapters out of my life. I used "Awake At Dusk" as a transitional and experimental piece to signify a departure from my last recorded work, my debut "Coast To Coast," and also prepare my fans for a new indie/electro sound I was developing for "Live, Laugh, Love!"

I used to work in a small music production studio and in between lessons, I used the small sound booth to experiment and put it all together. One of my singing students Sophie Stone actually sang the harmonies - such a powerful voice for such a young girl! My animator friend Owen Watson used his creativity to come up with an enticing cover, which I still get asked about today. Perhaps my favorite moment from the project was the b-side song I included, a melancholy introspective piano song called "Lessons Learned," which still finds its way into my set lists. It's hard growing up, but it's worth taking value from each experience. "Awake At Dusk"/"Lessons Learned" is only a small piece of my musical chapter, but five years later I'm still glad it exists.

Matthew Cook